10 Unkown Facts about Leonardo da Vinci
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There are many facts about Leonardo da Vinci or just Leonardo to be precise which are unknown to us. He was an Italian polymath whose regions of intrigue included development, painting, design, science, music, arithmetic, building, writing, life structures, topography, stargazing, plant science, composting, history, and cartography.

He has been differently called the father of fossil science and design and is broadly viewed as one of the best painters ever. We should investigate a couple of actualities that are unknown about Leonardo da Vinci. Following are 10 unknown facts about Leanardo da Vinci.

1. Leonardo’s loved ones

Leonardo was the affection offspring of Caterina, a labourer, and SerPiero, a legal advisor and landowner. He was self-taught and did not have formal training in Greek and Latin.

2. Leonardo, a musician!

He was an excellent lyre player. When he was initially exhibited at the Milanese court, he was as an artist, not a craftsman or creator.

3. Leonardo: Homosexual?!

Leonardo barely beat a homosexuality rap—conceivably including one of his male models—brought against him by Florentine authorities.

4. No painting of himself

Bizarre for a painter, Leonardo left no conclusive picture of himself.

5. Leonardo: Hydrophilic

What’s more, Leonardo adored water: He created plans for gliding snowshoes, a breathing gadget for submerged investigation, an existence preserver, and a plunging chime that could assault ships from beneath.

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6. Leonardo: First to explain why our sky is blue!

Leonardo was the first to clarify why the sky is blue (This is a direct result of the way air diffuses light).

Leonardo's painting The Last Supper
Pic: Painting of The Last Supper

7. Leonardo: Ambidextrous

Able to use both hands and was a jumpy dyslexic. Leonardo could draw forward with one hand while composing in reverse with the other, creating an identical representation script that others discovered hard to peruse—which was precisely the point.

8. A painting that was stolen

In August 2003, da Vinci’s Madonna of the Yarnwinder, esteemed at $65 million, was stolen from Drumlanrig Castle in Scotland by two men acting like vacationers. They got away in a Volkswagen Golf.

Pic: Leonardo da Vinci’s tank design (Image source: leonardodavincisinventions.com)

9. Leonardo: An inventor who could see the future

Leonardo outlined a heavily clad auto, a scythed chariot, a heap driver, a rotating crane, a pulley, a tidal pond dig, and a flying boat.

Leonardo's parachute design
Pic: Leonardo’s Parachute design (Image source: Wikipedia)

10. The invincible Leonardo

In December 2000, skydiver Adrian Nicholas arrived in South Africa utilising a parachute worked from one of Leonardo’s plans.

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