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They say, “there is always a first time for everything.” You would agree on the fact that our every first experience has always been either special or proved to be of great learning to us throughout our time on Earth and beyond. Mankind in the process of evolution has gone through a variety experiences that were totally new to him. Be it the accidental discovery of fire which proved to be one of the greatest discoveries of all times or the discovery of the atomic particles which makes our Universe what it is. The significance of this website is that keeps a record of all these revolutionary ideas, events and discoveries from the ancient past that kept on changing our course and way of life.

At First Time Facts, we are trying to compile all these amazing, weird, interesting and some really shocking events and facts under one website. It will be interesting to see what we have evolved and learned in various fields of study and entertainment. If you Google, you will find that their is hardly any website that talks about first facts occurred. It’s a rare practice and we love to do it. Keep visit our website for interesting, amazing, weird and shocking facts from the past. Explore humanity to see how man has achieved the impossible! It’s time to re-visit these facts first hand and for the first time.

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