Did you know World’s First Miss World is the only Title Winner in History to wear Bikini while being Crowned
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The first woman to be crowned as Miss World was Sweden’s beauty Kiki Håkansson. Miss World pageant gives a world an ideal standard of what beauty comprise of.

Brewing similar thoughts, global panel decided to launch beauty pageants. Kiki put behind a total of 25 to inscribe her name in the history books as the First Miss World.

The First Miss World Pageant was held on July 29, 1951 in Lyceum Ballroom in London, United Kingdom. The notice worthy thing is most of the contestants hailed from Britain and other parts of Europe like France, Holland and Denmark. There was only one contestant from the United States of America. Interestingly, even the official Miss World archives don’t have any whereabouts of 10 partakers who ran for the coveted title.

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First Miss World Kiki-Hakansson
Image source: Wikipedia

Born on June 17, 1929, Kiki was 22 years old when she was coroneted as the world’s most desirable woman. Full of fun and life, Kiki’s journey has been an exemplary one. She worked as a model in Stockholm, before trying her luck in the pageant. Apart from the title she has many more interesting anecdotes from the pageant to cherish.

The first edition of Miss World competition was a bikini contest. Her reign as first Miss World was of 475 days, which is by far the longest tenure in the pageant. Not just this, she is the only women in the record to receive her crown in a two-piece bikini, which was condemned by the Vatican. However, due to the bikini row, several religious-inclined nations threatened to back down their contestants.

Ireland and Spain warned to pull out from the contest, as the idea of judging women in bikinis didn’t go well with them. After the ruckus, the organisers banned the two-piece from the event and asked the models to walk in modest swimwears instead.

Kiki passed away in 2011 aged 82.

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