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We might be very happy if there would have been no computer virus ever created or found. But the moment we see our PC hang, we keep on scanning thinking if any virus is been detected. But have you ever wondered when was the first computer virus detected?

A computer virus is a program or bit of code that is stacked onto your PC without your insight and keeps running against your desires. Viruses can likewise replicate themselves. All computer viruses are man-made. A basic virus that can make a duplicate of itself again and again is moderately simple to deliver. Indeed, even such a straightforward virus is unsafe in light of the fact that it will rapidly utilize all accessible memory and convey the framework to a stop. A considerably more perilous sort of infection is one equipped for transmitting itself crosswise over systems and bypassing security frameworks.

Here is your answer: It was 1971 when the first computer virus was detected. Bob Thomas at BBN created Creeper as an experimental self-duplicating program that was intended not to inflict damage on, but to illustrate a mobile application. While theories on self-replicating automatas were developed by genius mathematician Von Neumann in the early 50s, but do you know the first computer virus was detected “in lab” in 1971 by an employee of a company working on building ARPANET, the Internet’s ancestor.

This self-replicating version of Creeper is generally accepted to be the first computer virus detected.

The program was not actively malicious software as it caused no damage to data, the only effect being a message outputted to the teletype reading “I’m the creeper: catch me if you can” well that’s just fun.

Reaper was a similar program created by Ray Tomlinson to move across the ARPANET and delete the self-replicating Creeper which acted as an antivirus.


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