first country to ban all plastic plates and cups
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We live in a very plastic world with a plastic utility. But France has already struck love with the environment by enforcing a ban on all plastic cups and cutlery to protect our mother earth. Where only 2.5 % of bottles are recycled in the entire Europe, France becomes first country to ban all plastic plates and cups.

There would be no plastic cutlery waste found in the ever so romantic French streets from the year 2020. France has passed a law which would come into practice as early as the year 2020. This law was followed after the amendment to ban all shopping plastic bags in the year 2015 by the French governance to become the first country to ban all plastic plates and cups. The law is part of the country’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act – a plan to make France a world leader in implementing more environment-friendly practices, and in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Approximately, more than 4 billion plastic cups are disposed of every year in France of which only 1 percent are recycled till now. This ban will help the entire country to cope with the intensifying amount of non-disposable plastic waste. It would also promote the innovation in biodegradable products as the products that are made with at least 50 percent biodegradable material would persist.

Introduced at the end of August, the new policy bandits disposable utensils in determination to build a more ecological economy. Disposable items that are made from biodegradable substances will only persist once the law makes the way.

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How to take care of it?

Plastic by nature is non-degradable. Hence every inch of plastic ever made, makes a burden on our planet earth. The amount of plastic disposed of in the oceans is causing major threats to marine life and at this rate by 2050 there would be more micro-plastic present in the ocean blue’s than the number of fish. For the figure’s sake 8 million tons of plastic end up in ocean waters annually.

Therefore, the French government deserves a huge cheer for taking such a bold decision to ban plastic cutlery. To become the first country to ban all plastic plates and cups the appraisal has flown through from the environmental activist all over the world for France, who have made environmental progress one of its main goals.

Bold decisions are tend to face criticism and this plastic ban amendment is no new to the world of critics. The plastic manufacturers, especially a firm named Pack2Go Europe has told the associated media that the French Government decisions would be challenged. The firm urges the European commission to do the right thing and take legal action against France for intruding on the European law. The low-income families rely on plastic utensils and plates according to the France environment minister, Ségolène Royal, and hence initially stated that the law was ‘anti-social’. The ban was further adjourned till the year 2020.

Aldo Leopold once said “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land”- and French Government’s energies to influence such harmony is most applauded. Vive La France.

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