first person to be treated with fish skin
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Brazilian woman, Maria Ines Candido da Silva is the first person to be treated with fish skin. Marine, 36, suffered second-degree burns when the domestic gas cooker exploded causing fatal wounds to her neck, limb, face, and hand.

She was given the option of chalking out traditional methods. Instead, the Brazilian doctors opted to treat her wounds with fish skin. The accident occurred while she was working in Casa Velha restaurant. The accident left her horrified, and she is pleased to be treated with skin fish. She recalls the treatment was smooth and less painful and recommends every person to opt for this method.

The World has come a long way in medical advancements. Treating fire burns with fish skin is one such innovation. It took over two years to turn their ideas into a successful reality. The biological dressing technique was modified by Dr. Odrico Moraes and Prof Elisabeth Moraes. It is one of the most effective burn wounds treatments in the world.

Everything about the fish skin treatment and how it actually works

Doctors covered Maria’s wounds with Tilapia fish skin. The skin was only removed after 11 days because the wounds were deeper. The fish strips were changed several times to nourish the damaged tissue. Doctors then used petroleum jelly to peel the fish skin from the wound.

The fish skin forms a mold on the wounds that appears like a part of the skin. Tilapia fish was selected because of its frequency in the Brazilian freshwaters. It has splendid disease resistant attributes. According to the fish breeders, most of the fish are cultured to fillet on the dining tables. Only 1% skin is used to make art crafts. Rest 99% finds its way to the bins. Tilapia skins consist of high levels of collagen type I and the higher degree of humidity. These qualities of the skin help in the recovering process of the burnt wounds providing necessary proteins to the injured patients.

Fish skin treatment: A game changer

With traditional methods, it almost takes a month or more to recover with burn wounds. But with the fish skin procedure, one can easily get cured in 10-15 days. Also, it doesn’t require to take any sort of painkillers. The procedure is painless compared to the conventional methods. Hence, the procedure can take over many techniques over the course of time. Fish skins can replace bandages in the coming years. The procedure is still in its infancy. Hence, a lot of research is still required to get this technique as a mainstream answer for fire burns.

Mainstream procedure or not, the invention has stunned many science lovers in the world. Using a fish skin to cure wounds might sound intriguing, but one thing is for sure. Medical science has come a long way since its inception. Its inventions serve as a living proof for the medicine fraternity.

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