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This was the first photo uploaded on Instagram. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram uploaded the first photo on his newly created app which was named, Codename.

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Just seconds after the launch in July 2010, the co-founder uploaded a photo of a golden retriever at a taco stand named Taco Chilakos. It indirectly became the first photo ever uploaded to the Instagram. Not even the owners had predicted that the photo sharing app would become an instant hit amongst the social sites.

The first image was a random picture of the cute little dog named Dolly. He posted with a filter named X-PRO2, which still exists in the app. If Kevin knew it was going to be the first photo uploaded on Instagram, it would have been so much better, says the former owner.

The photo has approximately 69 thousand likes and above 30 thousand comments. Dolly, the retriever, also has an Instagram profile now and gives us more reasons to fall in love with this lovely little bundle of joy.

Dogs have had their bit of celebrity status on Instagram ever since. It has been such kind of a site where dogs have become luminaries. Shiba Inu and another smiling dog named Tuna have 890000 and 87000 followers respectively. Why wouldn’t they? After all, the first photo ever uploaded was a dog. The feet in the picture are of Kevin’s girlfriend according to a representative for Instagram.

Ever since Instagram has found homes to billions of smartphones. The app had over 100 million active users just in two years after its launch. It was first launched in the October 2010 as a free service. It was eventually sold to Facebook in 2012 for approximately 1 billion U.S dollars in cash and stock. Instagram has been on the glory path right from its infancy, as it grew 23 % while its parent company only raised by 3%.

The growing popularity of the app has been marvellous. Our day hardly passes without visiting the ever so wonderful and addictive photo-sharing app. So next time you visit the app, just spare few seconds to visit Kevin’s profile and double tap on the first photo ever uploaded on the Instagram.

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