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The adventure has put many travellers to shame, as this woman, Cassandra De Pecol from Connecticut has already travelled across the globe and she has done it within a considerable fast time.

Getting our passports filled with stamps of numerous countries is a dream of an every enthusiast traveller. But what if I tell you this woman alone has already had four passport books filled and it consists stamps of all 196 countries in the world. Sounds impossible right? And hence she is shimmering her wonderful presence all over the globe and internet with her very courageous and one to dream of- expedition. i.e. Expedition 196.

She marked off her journey in the magical country of Palau in July 2015 and has never looked back since.Her dreams are as big as the vast universe and she counts on being the first documented woman to travel all 196 countries. She has cracked the Guinness World Record for being the fastest and the first woman to travel to all 196 countries on the earth.

Passion doesn’t feed a hungry mouse!

So her incomparable passion and hunger to visit every country on this globe just wouldn’t make the journey possible. Because if travelling was free you wouldn’t see a traveller again, but she has chalked her way out as she uses her instagram profile to advertise stays and motels in exchange of free stays. Also her photography skills are one to look for as her wanderlust has got her many heart-warming clicks that also attract many sponsors in the world that help her fulfilling her beautiful dream.

She is not just travelling for the sake of it but she is also an ambassador for peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism. So noble cause and insatiable wanderlust goals have stitched together an ever so beautiful journey which would give any wanderer mega travel goals.  For most of us it would still be a distant dream that wouldn’t complete in a lifetime but Cassandra has already done the impossible at mere age of 27 years. Camera and her maps are her best companions and she is already been working on a documentary she has shot during the wandering of our lovely planet.

But how does it feels to be the first woman to travel every country?

Staying alone for the most of time and away from the family is one, but there are many such problems Cassandra had to deal with when she was busy making her mark on the global map. Mental hurdles were the most challenging according to her. The loneliness at times can be depressing and at the very next moment it can inspire you and put into eternal peace. Being on the project Expedition 196 alone, it all took toll on her at times.

She says she messed up at times and sometimes it was difficult to juggle all the responsibilities that came with managing an entire 196-country expedition while trying to absorb as much about a country as humanly possible in a short period of time.

What She Gives Back To The World?

Cassandra says she cannot preach the world about sustainability when she travels so much, but she herself is working towards being a sustainable person, with each tree she plants with her students on her expedition. Collecting water samples for the presence of the microplastics, staying in and promoting sustainable/regenerative hotels and most importantly educating university students of tourism on the importance of responsible travel and incorporating the elements of sustainable/regenerative hospitality and tourism are her return gifts to the world.

She emphasizes on achieving peace through tourism by educating the students on how we can quantify peace through a series of criteria set forth by the Institute of Economics and Peace. She believes that once we understand this criteria, we can work towards creating a more peaceful and united world. Along with mayors and operating governance of the states, she discusses how tourism can be a mediator between peace ad conflict, and a way to further friendship among nations as well as providing humanitarian assistance.

Huge Travel Goals, Aren’t they?

For a 27 year old woman to travel each and every country in the world and grasp the beauty of the vast humanitarian planet in her timid eyes, she has been a sole inspiration. With a dream to change the world and bring peace within the planet her efforts deserve a hats off. From meeting the lion cubs to skiing the mountains of Colorado, from relaxing in the blistering beaches in Kiribati to witnessing beautiful sights of the human civilization there has been no stone untouched. Beautiful sights and so many stories to tell, she has set major travelling goals to the aspiring young travellers across the globe.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, isn’t it?” And by that terms Cassandra De Pecol is the richest woman right now on this planet, having being travelled to all 196 countries in the world.

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