Janet Gaynor
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Janet Gaynor is the first woman to win the Academic Award. The Academy Award, now also known as the Oscars came into existence in 1929. It honored the Hollywood Film fraternity, and Janet was presented with the best actress award for her three films. She received the honorary badge for the films named 7th heaven, Sunrise: A song of two humans, and Street Angel.  This was the only time that an actress had received Oscar for three different roles.

From plays to the Academic Award

The beautiful actress’s journey is beautiful as she came up in ranks from possibly the smallest of the roles in the plays. Being nurtured by her father with dance and acrobatics at very young age, she played different roles in her school days. Later she joined the Universal as a stock player for $50 a week. She was then offered a screen test for a supporting role by FOX executive. The Acting skills that Janet possessed caught the eyes of other FOX executives. They ended up signing her to a five-year contract and started casting her in the lead roles.

Her sugar-sweet looks were adored by many, as she slew the Hollywood with the depth and sensitivity in her roles. She went on to do 12 movies with the Academy Award winner Charles Farrell. Transition to the sound films was smooth for Janet where many failed to excel. In 1929, she was awarded the highest honorary award and was the first actress to achieve the monumental feat.

Actor, Dancer, Acrobat, and also an oil painter.

Later in her career, Janet started to illustrate still lives of fruits and vegetables on a canvas. She quickly established her name in the field of art as an oil painter. As talented as she was, she managed to sell more than 200 paintings, and also held exhibitions under the banner of Wally Findlay galleries in New York, San Francisco, and Palm Beach. She also made a Broadway debut later in her career which she deemed as disastrous following its unproductive run.

Legends never die!

First Woman to Win Academy Award
Pic: Actress Janer Gaynor (Image source: meredy.com)

This beautiful actress suffered a painful death because of the complications from the injuries. She, her husband, and her two friends were run over by a van on the streets of California. Janet recovered temporarily, but the effect that the accident had on her health was immense. She passed away in 1981 and left the Hollywood world with an unmatchable legacy. Gaynor was cremated at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery alongside her second husband, Adrian.

For her cultural contributions towards Brazil, she was presented with the Order of Southern Cross.


Also, she was cited by the president of Oscars, Howard W. Koch for her immeasurable contributions to the art of motion pictures.The first actress to win an Academy Award also has a star at 6284 Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.She is one of the fewer actresses in the Hollywood to be awarded a star. She was the first woman to prove her authority over an Academy Award. Highly acclaimed, she is one of the greatest superstars Hollywood has ever produced.

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