Dutch train running on wind energy
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Netherlands have finally announced the world’s first train to run on wind energy. The Dutch Government along with the company Eneco achieved the milestone on the 1st January. Eneco had promised to complete their tender by 2018, but have completed the project for one year earlier than the prescribed period. The entire train network which is handled by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), now runs on 100% renewable source of energy.

The train shuttle makes around 5500 trips daily in the orange country. The feat of Dutch to help 650,000 people daily to travel without causing emission is incredible. The electric company Eneco and NS (released the following statement on their website.

“100 % of our trains now run on wind energy. It is the first train in the world where 65000 passengers travel daily from a source that is completely derived from renewable energy. Thanks to the wind farms across the country and off the coast that has helped NS achieve its aim before the target time.”

The conversion of wind energy to electrical energy: How it actually works?

There are numerous windmills set up across the cycle-crazy nation. The windmills have a weathercock on top of every set up that helps to determine the direction of the wind. This benefits the turbines to face the wind and rotate to generate kinetic energy. These light-weighted blades rotate at full throttle when faced with the wind. Lack of wind doesn’t hamper the possibility of not turning the blades. It is because of the effective designs of the blade. The blades rotate to provide energy to the shaft which is connected to the generator. This generator converts the unconventional source of energy to electrical energy.

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Eneco plans of making the Dutch a better place.

The train shuttle that operates 5500 trips per day uses 1.2 billion kWh energy per year. The amount of energy consumed is equal to ignite the entire Amsterdam city. NS and Econo have planned to reduce the power consumption by 35 % by 2020. That means the trains will efficiently run longer distances with the minimal use of energy.
Netherlands isn’t the only European nation which has taken steps to make the world a better place. Their neighbours Germany, also have proposed a plan to run hydrogen-powered railways throughout the country. Even California has taken major steps to use the renewable source of energy to operate transportation.

It looks like the world is already thinking about the future. The extinction of conventional source of energy is on its verge. Hence, more countries should look forward in inheriting the Dutch model in their respective nations. Not 100 %, but at least a smaller chunk of energy would do. This would divinely make our world a happy place.

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